Monday, August 10, 2009

1971 Brian and Sandy in Scottsdale...

Can you believe I made both of our shirts! That is back when I enjoyed sewing more than art. I could never find cute cloths for Brian that weren't outrageously priced so I whipped them up. I am surprised I picked the print for my shirt, it is nothing I would remember being attracted to but there it is and I do remember sewing it. The cat is Sherry my sisters cat-dad's cat. Brian was the cutest child ever! He's pretty cute now too!


  1. So cute!!! I love your hair! :o)

  2. oh, and i LOVE those shoes of yours, too!!! i had several pairs just like them - well, and i may STILL have some of them! :)

  3. hey lady - just thought i would drop by and see what's buzzing over here - have a wonderful day - jenean

  4. Hullo, I saw your link on French Fancy and was attracted by the early aviatrix profile.

    You both look adorable and amusingly that print is back in fashion now. I really think sewing is a good art and it seems you have talent in it, perhaps, continue?

    By the way your parents' pictures are adorable, your mother looks bright and serene and your father looks like a young Warren Beatty.