Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4TH of July!

My brother and I and our children in front of us.
1980's in Michigan in Pavlichs' back yard.
This is the age where Brian and Amy constantly teased each other to the point of some one getting mad. Usually me, but there seemed to be no winners. Oh the days, me stopping the car to gain control of the situation, I had to pull into the nearest parking lot, my mother in front passenger seat suggesting we go in to the "Establishment". I looked up and noticed it was the psych unit at Scottsdale Osborn Hospital. What a laugh and for years later too. I wouldn't change a moment! Thanks for the memories!


  1. Wow! Love the hair! I took one look and said... hey, I had hair like that in the 80's. heh. Thanks for sharing.. happy 4th.

  2. Tienes unos blogs preciosos, en particular éste, que es de tu familia me gusta muchísimo. Besos.

  3. Thanks for the follow...I love your pics!