Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Brian's Birthday week!

This week is Brian's Birthday! This was about 20 or more years ago. It may be the only one with his braces on. It is most likely the last school picture he stood for. My Brian is a free thinker and usually didn't do things just cause you were supposed to. He now does this more than he did back then, funny how having your own child will do this. Any way this is just before he started growing the Mohawk. Get the picture! He was a tow head just up till this year when hormones started darkening his hair. Happy birthday!


  1. Ha ha, I am sure he loved having his picture featured in a post!
    Have a great Birthday month with all your birthdays!!!
    Margaret B

  2. I thought the Mohawk was cool.. Happy birthday Brian.

  3. Happy Birthday to him (and to you too, if I got this right from your other blog). My elder son and I also have birthdays in June! Thanks very much for clicking onto my followers list - I've been delighted to discover your blogs!

    I see that Beamish is one of your family names (that is a great list). I am sure you know about the village of Beamish in the north of England, but I just wanted to let you know what happy memories the name holds for me. The former mining village is now a living museum and I have taken, first my school class, then my church, then my own children, round the wonderful old buildings on the thrilling electric trams. It is a fantastic place for learning about our British heritage.

  4. Happy Birthday!

    Thanks for stopping by Willow Manor. I enjoyed looking through both of your artsy blogs.

  5. Awesome, Thanks! Where are the mohawk pictures? I've been searching for some from that period. I think it kept me out of the ole family pictures, people didn't want to record that phase of my life. He he.

  6. No I don't think that was it. We do have you on video and a few shots in the begining but I wish I'd gotten one of you with it up and dyed after it got long. Then the phase was over and now just grow it back! It was a lot of work as I remember.